It was 1961, the year the Italian "yacht" was born. Our company began in an era where the world's vision of luxury was Princess Grace riding in her hand built Mahogany cruisers along the Italian Riviera, RIO was fabricating Mahogany classics, such as the Espera, Colorado, and the famous Rolls Rio, a collaboration with Rolls Royce.

The history of RIO YACHTS parallels that of the other historic brands of that era and continues to build handcrafted boats one at a time.

Our shipyard, today is located near Bergamo in a fully modernized facility, with practices still consistent with those that made our wooden boats famous.

Back in the old days RIO was known for reinforced wooden hulls, the highest standard in the industry. Today we build the strongest fiberglass hulls. We are committed to fuel efficiency without sacrificing power and speed.

Our design concepts, and Italian styling is original, developed in our studios and own shipyard, with quality control being our trademark.

RIO YACHTS began 53 years ago as a dream for Dr. Luigi Scarani and that tradition and vision has been nurtured and enhanced by his son Piergiorgio, continuing the legacy of a family owned business known throughout Europe for its craftsmanship and integrity. A RIO is more than just a Yacht, it's "Hand Crafted Italian Heritage."

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